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Marble Ganesh ji in Fully Painted

Marble Ganesh ji in Fully Painted
12-30 Inch Made to Order
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Frequently Asked Questions

Made-to-order products are those products, made when you place the order then we will understand your requirement and start making them in our manufacturing unit. The benefit of Made-to-order is that you will get a new deity and can customize it as needed.

We start making products when you order so we use fresh marble slabs. and keeping stock of all idols and various sizes is impossible and requires a large warehouse to keep them safe. and unlike other sellers who increase the price of products to recover the warehouse cost and unsold deity cost we make it when we receive the order. And as you know once the idol is made, customization is impossible, so MTO (Made to Order) allows us to add some customization as per your requirement.

Generally, idols that are under 24 inch takes a maximum of 20 days and 10 days for shipping. So it takes 4 weeks or 30 days to deliver to your doorsteps. 

Note: Sometimes it may take more than 4 weeks because of various reasons such as delay in customs clearance, transit delay, and idol damage while making but those are exceptional cases and we keep updating you until it gets delivered.

Yes, our team will keep updating you. We will assign you a dedicated account manager who will keep update you with all the latest progress and shipping status. But this will require your consent so that we will provide you the update on your WhatsApp/Email.

Yes, we do have the option of part payment since we know that made-to-order products are a bit time taking and need at least 20 days. So we also offer part payment. Our part payment option works in a 70:30 payment ratio which means 70% advance so we will start the work once the deity is ready and we get your approval then our team will send you the payment invoice for the remaining 30%. Once we received the remaining 30% then within 24 hours our dispatch team will start the dispatch process and share the tracking ID with you.

Note: For part payment, you need to contact us for placing the order. Please contact us at +91 9429320217. You don't need to pay via UPI or directly on call. Our team will send you the payment invoice which contains the product details, and company information. So you make payment without any worry.

Marble Ganesh ji in Fully Painted
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Height12 Inch to 30 Inch
Making Time3 Weeks
StatusMade to Order


Marble Ganesh ji in Fully Painted Ganesha With Golden Design

Lord Ganesha is highly respected as the Hindu god of luck and fortune and the remover of barriers. He is worshipped at the beginning of all kinds of ceremonies and good acts because he is the Hindu god of beginnings. Since Ganesha had an elephant head, no one was willing to propose to him. He didn't have anyone, although every god did. This infuriated him, and with the aid of his mouse companions, he began interfering with the marriages of the other demigods. He instructed them to dig holes along the path of the demigods' wedding procession. The demigods encountered numerous difficulties. 

The best Ganesha statue is said to be constructed with cow excrement, peepal, and neem tree stump. It is stated that a Ganesha idol made of these may bring luck and ward off all kinds of misfortune from home. We provide a high-quality statue that well-skilled professionals finely craft. You can make an order from us and get it delivered quickly. 

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How to Care

In the Hindu religion, the god's deity considers a real human. and caring for the marble deity is even more important. 

As we all know marble is a thing that is purely natural and just like all natural things are effecting by pollution and the environment so the marble is also affected.

  • Clean the marble deity is really simple if you do it in a proper way and regular way. All you need is a good microfiber cloth. You can use 222 GSM but 800+ GSM microfiber cloth is recommended.
  • Do not use any chemicals or soapy water or cleaning liquid. This type of liquid item will directly affect the elimination of coating on the marble deity.
  • Use only vacuum cleaning and dry microfiber. and you can use lite wet microfiber to clean but please clean with a wet cloth once a month.
  • Avoid placing marble deities in direct sunlight.
  • If you do tilak then clean with wet microfiber but do not apply force/pressure to clean it. do it gently.
  • If by mistake any sharp object touches the marble deity and you notice that the area has a scratch then apply some clear varnish on that spot to seal the scratch.

If you follow these instructions then you can keep the marble deity as it is for a longer time.


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