Marble is one of the materials which is available from mother nature. and as we know natural things are purest that is why marble is considered pure and used for deity making. Marble is neither affecting nor harms nature. and marble is available in natural white or black which is why it is considered the purest thing and used for making god's deity.

Type of marble

Plenty of marble is available and used for deity making, such as Makrana Marble, Vietnam marble, Ambaji marble, and Kishangarh marble.

Makrana Marble

Makrana Marble is widely used for making deities and it is easily available in the local market. It is diaphanous and smooth, with 98 percent calcium carbonate and just two percent impurities. The best quality of this marble is utilized in creating god deity. Makrana Marble is used to create deity of Hindu gods, which add a lot of beauty and sanctity to any place of worship.

Vietnam Marble

Vietnam Marble is one of the perfect choices. Just like a symbol of status. Vietnam Marble is imported from the country Vietnam. Vietnam marble is the purest marble and comes in pure white with little softness as compared to Makrana Marble. and because of this nature, it becomes really easy to carve and highlight the detailing in a deity. That is why we use Vietnam Marble for making the deity.

Ambaji Marble

Ambaji marble is generally used for flooring purposes. and this is considered a very affordable marble. Generally, we avoid using this marble because after a few years it starts getting dark.

Kishangarh Marble

Kishangarh marble is also the same as Ambaji marble and we should avoid the deity made from this type of deity since it loses its whiteness many other makers use white color to show the whiteness and apply some chemicals for shining. but after a few months, it starts losing shine and witness.

Some other alternatives to marble

Cultured Marble, Polymarble, Synthetic Marble, etc.

All these types of marble are not real marble and Cultured marble is a man-made material blending pulverized natural marble with synthetic resins and dyes then coated with a clear, hard, protective gel.

As you know this is made from chemicals and not pure so we should avoid the deity made from this material. although it is good for other types of sculpture or other decorative items our gods are not for decorative items.

Why do people sell Cultured marble deities?

Cultured marble is cheap and made from waste material which is easily available. and using white color maker use to change the color of the deity. and for carving they use cast mold and fill those molds with a liquid form of marble with resins and glue. and due to this process, the deity is made within a day, and once it becomes hard, all they need to do is color and protective gel. The weight is also light so it helps them to save some amount in shipping.

The durability of this type of deity is not good. and within a few years, it starts losing the powder and gets damaged.