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Murtiya | Deity | Marble Idols Exporter From India

Buy Marble Deity, Ashtdhatu Deity, Clothes for your deity, jewelry, and accessories for your deity online from our extensive collection of Brass idols Murtiya to give your home and office positive vibes at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of Marble deities, and Ashtdhatu online to suit your home and office temple. You can also buy Jewellery, clothes, and other pooja (worship) accessories from our online website or get them customized to match your requirements. You can also avail yourself of exciting deals and discount offers on our online store.

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Buy Marble Murti/Deity/Statue Online at Murtiya- One-Stop Solution for All Your Pooja/Temple Needs

Getting a custom marble deity online, perfectly tailored to your needs, has now become easy. Murtiya provides a wide range of ready-made and customized pure marble murtis or statues online. At Murtiya, our commitment is to offer our customers an exclusive selection of pooja-related products, including marble deities, brass deities, accessories, and garlands - all available at your fingertips with just one click. Additionally, we offer customization services for clothing and other specific requirements for marble deities. Our online collection of marble deities provides a vast variety to choose from. You can explore different designs, dimensions, styles, and finishes, all at your convenience. From our workshop to your home/office temple, we ensure safe and secure delivery regardless of your location. Whether you reside in India, New York, California, New Jersey, Houston, or any part of the USA, we are at your service. Not limited to the USA, we also deliver to the UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and any part of the globe. Choose from our exquisite collection of marble deities or customize one according to your preferences - all made possible at Murtiya.

Explore Different Products at Murtiya for Your faith/belief or pooja need

Murtiya has an extensive range of marble deities, pooja accessories, pooja needs, and clothes for marble deities, available in various designs to meet every liking. Once you check our website, you can understand how diverse how designs are. Here's a list of categories that you can expect on visiting our furniture stores or website:

Marble Deity

From home to office to community temple, Murtiya has every kind of Marble deity. Be it Ganesh ji, Durga Maa, ISKCON Radha Krishna, Swaminarayan ji, Saraswati Maa, Laddu Gopal, Ram Darbar, Hanuman Ji, Shreenath ji. Scroll up to explore our premium quality and affordable range of marble deities.

Brass Deity

By checking out our website, you can explore how smooth finishing and gold-like shining brass deity you can buy online whose polish will stay for many years. Murtiya has every kind of brass deity. Be it Ganesh ji, Durga Maa, ISKCON Radha Krishna, Laxmi Narayan ji, Saraswati Maa, Laddu Gopal, Ram Darbar, Hanuman Ji, Shreenath ji. Scroll up to explore our premium quality and affordable range of brass deities from 4 inches to 4ft.


At Murtiya, one can find the most premium and finest quality clothes for your beloved god. By the time. we always come with new fashionable and adorable dresses or clothes for deities/statues with so many customization options. We have a wide range of collections for all kinds of occasions. from daily wear to festivals such as Navratri, Diwali, Janmashtami, and Holi, and available for many more custom occasions.


The statue/deity is done, and the clothes are done. what about matching jewelry? at Murtiya you will get matching jewelry for your beloved god at a very affordable price and that too at your doorstep. At Murtiya we have a wide range of jewelry, from regular to premium AD Diamond jewelry. Be it Mangtika, Earrings, long necklace, short necklace, Nath, hand wrist, anklet, and so on just call us or WhatsApp us at +91 9429320217 for free consultation.


If you looking for a wig (Hair), flute, Trishul, and any other kind of accessories which look beautiful and match your deity then Murtiya is the right place for you. We have a wide range of accessories from smallest to big size.


Why use plastic or artificial garland for your beloved deity or statue when you can use natural and original garlands? At Murtiya we so many designs of Cardamom Garland which is very famous in the Southern path of India (South India). These garlands can also be used on other occasions such as weddings, housewarmings, and guest welcomes. These garlands are made with fresh and original cardamom which has 3 months of shelf life, which you can use in your food later to save the environment and boost your immunity.

Other Accessories

At Murtiya we have a very unique products for your jewelry to stick on the deity without leaving any gum or stickiness behind which can ruin your marble deity.

Check out Various Marble Materials Available at Murtiya

At Murtiya, one can find a range of marble materials in our collection. Each type of material, be it marble or brass, every material has got its distinctive beauty and quality. Here we have got a list of deity materials to pick out the best one that blends in with your needs.

We have a wide range of statue/deity materials but the ones you should not miss out on are:

Makrana Marble

Makrana Marble, a variety of Indian marble, is widely renowned for its usage in marble deities. This marble exhibits exceptional characteristics such as high density, whiteness, and remarkable strength, making it an ideal choice for creating sturdy pieces. Notably, Makrana marble possesses a natural white color that is free from any black spots, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Vietnam Marble

Vietnam Marble stands as another favored option for statues and deities. Renowned for its strength, whiteness, and density, Vietnam Marble offers excellent attributes. Its soft yet sturdy composition makes it conducive for intricately carved detailing. Moreover, this marble boasts a long lifespan, retaining its natural white hue for an extended period.

Ambaji Marble

Ambaji Marble is also a popular marble in India and especially in Rajasthan. It is easily available but it is mainly used for temple and house furniture but some manufacture uses it to make marble deity. We at Murtiya believe in quality and we never use Ambaji Marble for marble deities.

Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is artificial marble made with marble dust or slug of marble. It is very easily available as a powder and then using chemicals and color it becomes liquid then using cast/Mould it is easy to make a deity within a day. Deities/statues made with this are often made at very cheap prices but overall it is made with a chemical so it is up to you if you want to use chemicals for your statue/deity of god..

How to Care and Clean Marble Deity for Last Long?

When it comes to marble, there are a few key things you need to do to keep it looking its best. First, dust your marble statue regularly with a soft, clean cloth. You can also use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment on a low setting to remove any dust that’s hard to reach.

Next, once or twice a month, you will want to give your marble deity a more thorough cleaning. You can do this with filtered water and do not use water directly. Simply use a microfiber cloth and wet that cloth with that filtered water and with very lite pressure clean your marble deity.

Select from the Wide Range of Marble Deity Online at Murtiya

Keeping up with the needs of your home/office temple, we design artistic marble statue/deity with various customization. and not only to marble deities we make custom clothes so they always look fresh and beautiful.

Buy Custom Marble Deity, Clothes Online at Affordable Prices On Murtiya

Buying a marble deity or clothes for a marble deity online with high-quality and matching jewelry on a budget is a difficult task. A lot of people think it's a huge investment and difficult task to dress them. Murtiya understands this and ensures no one will disappoint at the world's prime marble deity online store. Browse to any category, either the ISKCON Radha Krishna, Jugal Jodi, Ganesh Ji, Ram Darbar, Durga Maa, Saraswati Maa, Shrinath Ji, and even clothes for them, and we offer premium quality home marble deity at reasonable prices you can afford. Trust us with your marble deity styles and preferences and buy beautiful marble statues online at Murtiya without worrying about the prices.